The Story

I have always dreamed of creating a space where vintage and design could live together.  An eclectic mix of old and new.  I found it interesting that current lines of Home Decor are really based on vintage pieces.  Whether  it be a fabric pattern or the graceful carving of a furniture leg, it all comes from an original inspiration long ago.

 The concept of having a retail space has been a lifetime in the making.  My love of vintage comes from my parents, Ron & Pat.  I grew up going with them to flea markets and auctions.  They are truly an inspiration.

 I have always been intrigued about the story of an item.  Using vintage pieces in design I found  created a history and depth to the look of a room.  I call it “ Vintage Soul”.  It allows history to become part of your story and home. 

I have worked in the retail and service industry for over 20 years.  I was a design manager for a major retail store.  This experience gave me the space to hone my personal style, and to help others find theirs. 

Together with the unwavering support from my sister Laurie & her husband Scott, we have decided to make this dream a reality.  We are in the process of renovating our muse, the Barn, which is now open for shopping on Saturday and Sundays from 10-4.  Our hope is that you find this space a source of inspiration.  That you can find the tools to make your house a home.

 Come along with us on this journey to the Barn Out Back.

~ Greg, Owner of Barn Out Back