Chocolate Drizzle Soap Cupcake

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This is an amazing blend of rich, dark chocolate, blended with creamy vanilla, with hints of buttery caramel, toasted almonds, hazelnut, and fluffy powdered sugar.

This soap cupcake has a chocolate base, with layers of chocolate, bronze, and creamy white. Topped with a pretty soapy chocolate. The entire cupcake is made by cold process including the chocolate on top.

This adorable soap cupcake comes in a clear cellophane bag with bow and decorative tag. Ready to give to that special someone.

To use your soap cupcake you can cut them in half or into multiple slices and use as a regular bar of soap.

•All of our soaps are made by cold process. Our soaps are made with the finest vegetable oils and contain “NO” animal fats or by-products. So they are Vegan. We use the highest quality fragrance oils and essential oils to fragrance our soaps. And all of the soaps are tinted with natural pigments, micas, and oxides. All of our oils and butters are sustainable and fair trade.