Hedgehog & Snail socks

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1 of 6 new artist series by designer Anni Betts, this Pals Socks pair comes as almost matching Hedgehog and Snail. We love the modern design, lavender and purple complimentary color scheme and geometric shapes. It has never been more fun to be friends with someone different! #WeDontMatch

There’s more to Pals Socks than being colorful, mismatched and fun. They inspire social change!We don’t all match, and life is more fun that way. The same goes for your socks. We spread love <3

78% Cotton, 3% Spandex, 2% Polyester, 18% Nylon
Ages 4-8 heel to toe measurement is 5”
Ages 1-3 heel to toe measurement is 3.75”
Spring weight socks (medium-light weight)
No-skid grips on the bottoms to prevent slipping
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low for optimal care
Stretchy, colorful, comfy!